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THIS IS NOT THE MEMORIAL PLAQUE - THIS IS A REPLICA of the original monument plaque you may want to keep at home, work, or give as a gift to family members. This replica text will be the same as the Veterans Plaque on the monument.  This replica will be laser engraved and perfect for home display.  Black granite with natural flecks.


Prior to the replica being custom made, a redacted DD214 or discharge paper must be provided to the Lincoln Veterans Memorial Coalition to verify military service.   Papers will be destroyed after verification.   We can not engrave until proof of military service has been verified.  We appreciate your understanding. 


After making your purchase, click on the following link and complete our Veteran Submission Form:


If you are purchasing one plaque and a separate replica, for the same person, at the same time, you only need to complete the Veteran Submission Form once.  If you a purchasing a plaque or replica individually, you will need to complete a new Veteran Submission Form.  


The Veterans Plaques will all be the approximate same size and shape consisting of black granite with natural flecks.


There will be three lines of text. 

Each line will be 20 characters long.

1st line: Last name, First Name, Middle Initial.

2nd line: Branch of service or services One or more of the following:

  • Army
  • Marine Corps
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Coast Guard
  • Merchant Marines
  • Space Force


Branch of Service will be followed by Rank.

3rd line: Dates of service.


The Veterans Plaque will be 3/8 inch thick with a deep engraving that will last forever. 

When engraving is complete, the plaque will be shipped to the Lincoln Veterans Memorial Coalition for mounting on the monument.  IT WILL BE SHIPPED TO YOU. 


Thank you for your purchase to help fund the Placer County Veteran's Monument on behlf of the Lincoln Veterans Memorial Coalition and pay honor to our Veterans.  


REPLICA Memorial Plaque for Home

Color: Black
  • This replica will have the logo of the Lincoln Veterans Memorial Coalition along with the name you specify on the order laser engraved on a 6 X 4 X 3/8 inch black granite stone which will last a lifetime if kept indoors.

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