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Historical Facts About the Monument


Larry Yaggi - Monument designer and provided lower panel composition

Rick McCarter - Construction manager and design engineer 

Seven artists who worked on the monument:

Gerald Farren of Rocklin - Modeled the kneeling soldier

Jim Cormier of Lincoln -  Challenge coin designer

Viktor Verhovod of Gladding McBean - Centerpiece medallion artisan  

Paul Witt – Upper panel composition

Elaine Palutsis – Assistant on upper image graphics

Jennifer Sydnor – Upper image revision and graphic artist finalizing images

Joseph A Vigil IV, USAF Master Sergeant – Lower image revision

Sebastian Swierstok - Contractor for Pro Builder

Dan Rasmussen - Project foreman and crew took great pride in working on this project

Mark Kennedy - Granite work

Jeramy Randmal - Prodigy Electric 

Eddie Curtis of Columbus Memorials - Granite source and etching

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